- Understanding The Supreme

The word YOGA comes from the Sanskrit root YUJA which means to link-up or to unite.

Yoga Philosophy - Understanding the Supreme

In the Indian Sanskrit books Yoga is defined as the process of linking one self with the Supreme Lord or to unite with him.

Pseudo-Spiritualists try to unite with the Lord my merging into him or by becoming God themselves. Those who want to merge into God and become one with him, in all respects, suffer from nothing but hallucination.

When a lover and beloved unite, they may be lost in ecstasy do to the happiness of their union but they nevertheless remain as individual entities. They do not dissolve and neither merges into each other or into the nothingness. Such is the union with the Lord.

Yoga means, that the Supreme Lord is there, the devotee is there and the activity of exchange of Love between the Lord and his Devotee is there. > more <

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