Sinful activities
- [vikarma] - and their effects

Materialistic people and gross atheists, who have no faith in God or the Supersoul within themselves, and who do not follow any religious scriptures, perform all kinds of sinful and abominable activities simply for sense gratification.

They accept that the enjoyment of the senses is the ultimate goal of life, and this materialistic concept they maintain until death. They do not believe in life after death, and they do not believe in the observance of Gods laws for which they have to account for. Therefore they feel free to do anything abominable just for sense enjoyment, regardless of the future consequences.

A materialistic person, who does not abide by the laws of God, acts sinful mostly due to ignorance of future suffering. He does not know that all his activities are witnessed and recorded. He does not know that there is a witness sitting within ones heart, the Supersoul, who is observing the activities of the individual soul and who rewards different types of bodies according to one's karma, or activities in this world.
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Even though we might not remember some of our past sinful activities, the Lord never forgets. He will reward us for every action with the resultant reactions, thus we have to suffer the tree-fold miseries of life. [see also: the three-fold miseries of life]

There are many results of past sinful activities for which we are suffering at the present moment, and we may be suffering in the future also due to our present sinful activities. We may forget the misdeed for which we suffer at the present moment, but we should understand that the Supersoul, who is the witness in our heart, is our constant companion. He knows everything, past, present and future, and as the ultimate controller, he destines all actions and reactions. Therefore forgetfulness or ignorance is no excuse for evading the reaction which is future suffering and distress.

If , by performance of an sinful act, one does not immediately receive a reaction, than one should not think that he can go score-free, without paying back. For sure the reaction will follow later on. For example a man may have committed criminal acts but is not yet arrested for them. But after some time, when he is detected, arrest is awaiting him. Similarly, for some of our sinful activities we are awaiting distress in the future, and for others we may be suffering at the present moment.

The four effects of sinful activities

the effect which is not yet fructified
the effect which is lying dormant as seed
the effect which is already mature
the effect which is almost mature

The effects of sinful activities can be divided into two main categories, namely those effects which are mature and those effects which are not mature yet. The sinful activities for which we are suffering at the present moment are called "the effect which is already mature".

The many sinful activities stored within us for which we have not suffered yet are considered "immature effects". The effects "lying as seed" means that in the core of the heart there is a certain stock of sinful desires which are like seeds, waiting to sprout forth. They are almost ready to produce the seed, or the effect of the seed. An "immature effect" refers to the case when the seedling has not begun to sprout.

Mature sinful activities are exhibited if one is suffering from chronic diseases or shows bodily deformations; if one is suffering from some legal implication or is put to prison.

Sinful activities create desires for further sinful actions and in this way there is a chain of sinful activities and their concomitant distresses. Due to this sins the conditioned soul is suffering life after life. He is suffering in the present life the results of sinful activities from his past life, and he is meanwhile creating further suffering for his future life.

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