There are hundreds of books on yoga and as many as homepages and the reader of this site may question the need for yet another exposition on this topic.


Most of the yoga books, presently available on the market, explain only partial aspects of the philosophy while others completely pervert the true meaning of yoga itself.

It is a fashion nowadays to go for a short term course in yoga, often misunderstood to mean "Exercises" to keep the body in good condition. The philosophical and spiritual aspects, which are the sum and substance of all yoga-systems, are very often ignored.

"Yoga for vitality, beauty and sex are certainly perverted meanings and have nothing to do with yoga."

The vedic scriptures explain the process of yoga as that which leads to the link-up of the self with the Supreme Lord. Yoga or "union" with the Lord is therefore not a mere physical exercise for the fitness of the body, but a spiritual culture with the aim of god-realisation. From the vedic scriptures we must learn all the different aspects of the truth; what God is, what the living entities are, and how "yoga" or "union" leads to a spiritual relationship with the Lord.

This site (book) presents the original, unadulterated knowledge of the absolute truth in its different aspects and gives a clear philosophical understanding of the self based on the conclusion of the revealed scriptures such as Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. This site (book) is therefore meant for all those sincere student who are not interested in mere gymnastic feats or mystic powers, but who are seriously searching for the purpose of life, the absolute truth.

The chief aim of this site (book) is to give the aspirant first an philosophical understanding which generally helps him in the progressive awareness of his true inner nature. This realisation, however, will only reveal itself gradually to him as he engages in the practice of yoga. The final revelation of truth will come through direct inner experience, which will manifest fully when spiritual maturity is attained through devotional service for the Lord.

The author of this site (book) shall feel amply rewarded if the reader will find any inspiration for his thoughts and answers to problems he may face in the quest for the absolute truth.

Urdhvaga das


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